Mocha UI

A Web~visionvirus

Camera - - - - --------------> >> _->o-~~m€!nBL0G~~-o<~-_ .
--> free sMs - umsonst sMsEn --> : 5vor12 sms38 smsgott <-> & weltWeit -> : afreesms
Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
Farm: Fast vite compatible build tool written in Rust
20x Faster Background Removal in the Browser Using ONNX Runtime with WebGPU
A Forth Story (1995)
RuneLite – open-source RuneScape Client
Memory sealing for the GNU C Library
BokuLoader - A Proof-Of-Concept Cobalt Strike Reflective Loader Which Aims To Recreate, Integrate, And Enhance Cobalt Strike's Evasion Features!
Volana - Shell Command Obfuscation To Avoid Detection Systems
CyberChef - The Cyber Swiss Army Knife - A Web App For Encryption, Encoding, Compression And Data Analysis
NativeDump - Dump Lsass Using Only Native APIs By Hand-Crafting Minidump Files (Without MinidumpWriteDump!)
Sttr - Cross-Platform, Cli App To Perform Various Operations On String